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The Riverdale CSA was established in 1996 in collaboration with Riverdale Neighborhood House in the Bronx, New York. CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, is a unique partnership between a specific farm and a group of consumers. Membership in our growing season CSA means receiving a share of the weekly garden harvest of Hawthorne Valley Farm (HVF), as well as access to shares of an assortment of their other products, for 22 weeks beginning in early-to-mid June and going until late October or early November. It also means coming to know and understand the life of this particular farm and supporting the farmers in their efforts to grow healthy, nutritious food in a way that is environmentally responsible. 
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Every week throughout the growing season, the CSA and HVF donate produce to the newly established RNH food pantry, in addition to contributing surplus produce to Riverdale Senior Services, located in the Century building in Spuyten Duyvil, which provides free meals to people in need.

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